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Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa
Council Election 2021
On January, Sunday 31, 2021, the members of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa will choose their next leadership from the nominees below. If you are voting, the information below may be beneficial. If you are a Nominee, confirm that your information is accurate. Click on the nominee's picture for more information.

T H E   N O M I N E E S

Françoise Mukuku

I am Francoise Mukuku, a Congolese (DRC) born and raised in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have travelled between the different provinces. I am an activist and researcher on gender issues. Currently, I am the CEO of Amazone advisors, a social company that gives accompaniment to small organizations working on social programs with a impact on women’s lives. I am also the ISOC DRC chapter president (first term), a member of the Congolese free software organization (ACOULL), a trainer in online security, a policy advocate for freedom online, and passionate about the intersection that exists between tech, rights, and development.

My goals are to contribute to the revival of the organization, make FOSSFA an inclusive organization where women and girls, linguistic, social minorities contribute and have a voice. As the board secretary of Urgent-action fund-Africa (a regional organization), I’m also bringing to the table my strategic thinking and fundraising skills. I would like to make sure that FOSSFA have the resources become one of the top African organization that is consulted and count on matters related to technology.

Juma Lungo

I am a Tanzanian, a PhD holder, whose research investigated the development of Free and Open Source software. I have been an active member of The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) for many years. In 2006, I established Zalongwa Technologies in Tanzania, a software development company that delivers software through the use of Open Source software. The company is active and offers a platform to groom young and talented youth that have passion in Open Source programming. At the peak of its achievement and its recognition in Africa, Zalongwa Technologies hosted the FOSSFA’s initiated project, ICT@Innovation, in 2012 -- its first in Tanzania. I pioneered the use Open Source to computerize systems in various industries such as Healthcare, Water, Education, Human Resources and Financial Services in several countries including Tanzania, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Mozambique.

Throughout my career, I have published extensively and involved in various consultancies, relating to Open Source Software Information Systems, Open Data, Geo-ICT Systems, Software Engineering, and Database Information Systems.  I am aspiring to become one of the FOSSFA leaders to revive the organization and strengthen its role of championing the use of Open Source software in Africa -- a mission that will rescue many African organizations from the use of predatory proprietary software.

As academician, I have learned over the years that the use of Open Source software leapfrogs programming skills in Africa such that Open Sources provides opportunity to improve, revise and learn from other source code programmers as well as enabling organizations to implement sustainable software which do not rely on a locked single supporting supplier.

Edwin Okugbo

I am Edwin Okugbo, a passionate tech engineer with years of experience in Free and Open source software, and in the FOSS community (Africa and around the world). I have been a great advocate for FOSS progress in the African space. I hail from the Delta State of Nigeria, West Africa. I have been involved in building lots of tools for organisations and also for the FOSS community. I have loads of experience in working with teams and bringing people together to achieve set goals and targets, no matter their differences.

As a great team player, I am passionate and energetic; yet, understanding and humble when working with everyone around him. I am versatile and have continued to use my wide range of skill-sets to help build humanity across Africa. My motto is to always keep my word as much as it is in my power to do so.

Dapo Ladimeji

I was an original member of the Founders of FOSSFA and the first Treasurer. I have been championing Open Source at many forums including UN at New York, Austria and Geneva and wrote a manifesto for FOSSFA decades ago. I have fought tirelessly for good governance at FOSSFA because I believe that without it nothing will be achieved.

If I were elected I would seek to bring FOSSFA’s mission up to date to include 4IR, smart cities, open government and social inclusion. Robert Steele has been seeking to update the US mission of Open Source (‘Open Source Everything’: open data, open access, open spectrum) and we need to do the same for Africa. If we can update our Mission we can get buy in from society, corporations and governments creating better cities and better lives for society and for members of FOSSFA.

I am a chartered accountant and have advised many of the world’s leading internet companies. I helped my 15 year old son build the world’s equal fastest PC (for 2 weeks). At today’s prices it cost a mere $15,000.

Stephen Mawutor Donkor

I am a Ghanaian based in Accra, Ghana. I am a trained Telecommunications Engineer who has a good understanding of Information Communication Technology (ICT). As an entrepreneur, I am the founder of Stevdok Limited; a tech start-up that provides location based services and open source solutions. I am the lead for Linux Accra Users Group and I have led over 7 years of global Software Freedom Day celebrations in Ghana. I have led participatory and Disaster Risk Mapping using OpenStreetMap as part of the Open Cities Africa project. I am also the youth coordinator for internet governance forum Ghana (GhanaYouthIGF), a member of internet society, and a volunteer facilitator at the American Embassy Corner where I train people in digital skills.

My goal is to see a FOSSFA thriving on best community of practice and have an all inclusive approach to build a progresive future we envision today as possible for all, irrespective of one's gender, status or location.

Ismail Settenda

I am based in Uganda and currently the lead consultant at ICT-Pros Consultants Ltd a networking and hosting solution company as well as the Cyber security and network administrator at the Islamic University in Uganda. I hold an MBA in Information technology as well as well as a certified Ethical Hacker with over 14 years’ experience in I.T mainly in networking security and scalable services.

I regularly spend time running online courses in Network Operations and Linux fundamentals in liaison with the Internet Society-Africa team. Before this I was also a volunteer Course Instructor and organising committee member with the Tanzania Network Operators Group (TzNOG) the localised chapter of African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) and I also taught classes in Linux Servers Administration project management.

I have been championing FOSS for quite a while as a I manage and participate in local community projects i.e. TzNOG and the Arusha Linux Community and previously a manager with the Tanzania Internet Service Providers Association (TISPA) and while there extensively participated in the set up of the local Internet exchange points as well as hosting both Google and Facebook local caches to boost local service and resilience. Additionally was a member on a number of committees like the the Tanzania CERT (TZ-Cert) Technical advisory Committee (TAC), IPv6 taskforce and extensively collaborated with the Tanzania Communications Authority (TCRA) and the Tanzania Network Information Centre (TzNIC) on a number of projects.

If elected I intend to contribute to ensuring FOSSFA’s becomes a relevant force on the continent and be a more contemporary and strategic partner, working with other similar societies, corporations and governments to create employment, better opportunities for our youth, smarter cities, better self-reliance in local software management and development.

Onyeibo Oku

I go by "twohot" within Open Source communities (or @twohot, @onyetwo in social platforms). I am Nigerian, and I hold a Masters Degree in Architecture (think buildings, not software). Gadgets are fascinating to me. More so, the smart ones. My interest in computers developed before secondary school. Coding as a hobby is the outcome. I represented the Fedora Project in IDLELO-5 hosted by FOSSFA between 19th and 23rd of March 2012. I am still active in the Fedora Community. Ask Fedora, and the Quality Assurance teams can attest to my participation. Last year (2020), I was among the top-ten participants on the Ask Fedora platform. I love to see young people explore tools that unleash their creativity. Outside open source communities, I lecture at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria.

Inside FOSSFA, I learned by observing first before venturing up to Council level. I am currently the Lead of the Steering Committee. In Steering, we believe in teamwork, and we hope this coming Council will take that approach to a whole new level. Africans struggle when there is a need to work together. We should break that jinx until its history. If elected, I will push for conclusive implementation of the corrective proposals presented by the Steering Committee. FOSSFA needs to rebuild from the grassroots. Women represent approximately 9% of active membership in FOSSFA. That needs to change too. In the recent check-in exercise, 0% (none) were students. We need to go down to our people (Africans) and get our hands dirty (by providing perspective and identifying talents). Africans need to understand the stakes in the technological arena then take steps to curb another form of slavery that is emerging. With defined membership, I will contribute towards returning value and trust to FOSSFA. Value attracts funding. Add trust to that and FOSSFA can stay on course in their mission for a good duration of time.


The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE) was established in 2003 through a partnership between Government of Ghana and the Government of India. It is Ghana’s first Advanced Information Technology Institute charged with the task of stimulating growth in the ICT Sector in ECOWAS. Our state-of-the-art facility provides a dynamic environment for innovation, teaching and learning as well as practical research on the application of ICT for Development (ICT4D) in Africa.

As an ICT Capacity development and Innovation center, we have extensive experience and expertise in the areas of; Database Management, Enterprise Information Systems, Network and Information Security, Geographical Information Systems Application, Research and Innovation, Systems Upgrade and Deployment of ICT projects.

To date, the center has served the consultancy needs of some major local and multinational organizations such World Bank, UNESCO, UNDP, Canadian High Commission, DFID Community Information Centers in Ghana, Ghana Open Data Initiative, to mention a few.

AITI-KACE is please to bring onboard its rich experience to help move FOSSFA to its next level. Nii Okai Quaye will be representing us in the FOSSFA Council. He is a Ghanaian Software Engineer. He is a long time member of the Linux Accra group. He has, over the years, been developing solutions with FOSS in diverse areas including Health, Agriculture, Entertainment, and Media. Nii is currently a faculty member at AITI-KACE working with the Research and Innovation and Innovation directorate. His current research interest include applying machine learning in developing Rural E-Commerce Applications.

Bernard Ojengwa

I am the Director of Engineering at Neu Inc., Seattle-based managed-platform providing cleans for vacation rentals. Neu works closely with the National Domestic Workers Alliance to provide job opportunities for various underrepresented minorities. I have multiple years of experience contributing to the Open Source community as an educator, code-contributor/reviewer, and administrator. I started and nurtured the biggest tech community at the University of Nigeria as-well-as co-founded one of the first female-focused tech community in Nigeria, the now-defunct Codesses.

Previously as the first Technical Coordinator at Andela, I initiated/piloted the company's drive towards encouraging team members to engage with the community by organizing events and speaking at various universities across the country. Being a keen learner, I do my best to keep up with current technologies, and evolving trends in my spare time, and generally surround myself with everything tech. As a board member, I will be bringing my multi-years experience towards helping FOSSFA scale impact and visibility.

Ruth Mary Kemigisha

Hello. My name is Ruth Mary Kemigisha, a Ugandan. I am a public health consultant, a clinician and mental health nurse currently working with United Nations at Entebe support Base. I am a tech freak that loves to explore more on how technology can improve health.

One day at a hackathon I and my group pitched an idea of clinic map and won the best public health award. Unfortunately we were not able to go through because we lacked the tech beat. From that time I realised it's important to have collaboration in all sectors of speciality.

I believe one doesn't need to know also t of technology to bring change. It's that love for change, that love to collaborate with others to bring out the best of our innovations. I am bringing more energy, more zeal, more collaboration for a better tech world.

I am the missing letter to make that puzzle complete in FOSSFA.

Primus Guenou

Hello! I am Primus from Togo. I am a graduate engineer of the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, and I hold a Diploma in General Management Techniques from BEUTH Hochschule Fuer Technik (Berlin too). I speak three languages -- English, French and Allemand. I am currently the Managing Director at PDG Consulting and a member of the FOSSFA Steering Committee. I am a good listener. That means I can be very objective and understanding. My top skills are in the areas of Training, Team management, and negotiations. I would like to see more representation of francophone countries within FOSSFA.